Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back Again!

Well it has been a crazy week & a half but what else would you expect when Easter is here...We went to 4..yes 4 Easter Egg Hunts this year! You would think that my kids would be the champions at hunting eggs by now..& yes even without my HELP!!!..I think I did a lot better this year on not helping them so is just so hard to let go & let them go out into the fields & search for these little bitty colored objects all by themselves...Anyway..we went to Janices Saturday & the kids had so much fun..they played & played & played..they loved it! Of course we had good food there..:o) Then Sunday we went to church of course..& we always do pictures at the church with all the little kids & then with all the families..well this year The Malone Family did not get to carry the "Tradition" can imagine how I feel about that! Next year we will just have to go before church & do pictures cuz I just can't stand not doing that with is a Huntsville Tradition that can't be broken!! But the whole reason why we had to leave early b/c I know it was very obvious me getting up in the middle of church with my purse...was b/c we had to go to my Aunt Linda's (my grandmothers sister) for lunch at 1:00....of course I get up & go out & Jeff just stands there singing "Go Get My Children" like he hasn't heard that song 100 times..& I am standing in the foyer looking at him saying "come on" "come on"..& of course him & Jerry are standing there like I don't know what...needless to say we left at altar yes I got up & went out early for no reason! It was 12:30 by the time we left church...Anyway we made it to Aunt Linda's & had lunch (which btw was wonderful). The kids had another egg hunt...Anna hid the eggs & Peyton & McKenna searched for them..Peyton found the most BUT McKenna found the prize egg~They had fun. After Aunt Lindas we went to Teresa & Larry's & had ANOTHER egg hunt..of course the kids had their cousins to hunt with..they all had a lot of fun & the girls got princess dolls with a princess blanket (they loved them) & the boys got Scrabble Slam then of course we ATE again!! & yes as you could imagine it was good! So needless to say by Monday morning I did not want to get up & get the kids ready for school & as for me I did not want to go to work...but I did-blah. & then I went to work yesterday too..Thank goodness my work week is over now! Now today we are dealing with all the tornado stuff-just what I want to deal with on my first day least I can just stay home all day..:o)

I am very excited about next week..Monday we have a field trip to the Chattanooga Aquarium & the River Boat..Peyton is so excited! Me & a few other mom's are riding together..:o) Then Tuesday morning me & mother are going to Market in Atlanta..I can't wait..I know she is going to love it! Hopefully we can squeeze the Cheesecake Factory in there! YUMMY! Thankfully the school year is winding down I think there only like 22 or 23 days left! I am so ready for summer...Memorial Day..Philadelphia..Revival..4th of July..& then to the BEACH!!! Hopefully everything that is planned for this summer will follow through b/c I am super excited about everything!! Ok I am going I planning on going to the school & checking the kids out..sweet surprise for them!! Hopefully if nothing else happens I will be "Back Again" next week on here!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Long Time No See.....

Well it has only taken me a year to come back to blog.....I am not really good at getting on here everyday & checking everything out about everybody contraire to what some may believe. LOL~ So I am not really sure where to begin..I guess let me just start from this year...& if I decide to dip back into 2010 I will..that is if my memory will let me~
Needless to say this year has not started out nothing like I would have wanted it to..but we take what is handed to us & deal with it the best that we can...I have had several changes in my life over the past year & no doubt January 27, 2011 has been one of my harder life changing events..that is when my Pepe died. I knew that she would probably die within the year b/c her health had really went down hill but I didn't expect it right now...It has been really hard & thankfully right after her death friends & family came to the house & unless you have been there you really have no idea how much it helps to have your friends around. I don't know what I would do without them..I love them all more than they will ever know! It will never be the same without Pepe but we are getting by.

As far as Peyton & McKenna they are getting so big!!! I can't believe Peyton will be turning 10 in September..only 5 more months..that just seems so crazy to me! He thinks he is really "in love" with Sophie..Oh Lord..why Jerry's kid??? LOL! & then there is my little McKenna..she literally sings & dances around the house CONSTANTLY..I am serious as I am speaking (b/c I am speaking out loud as I type) she is making up some song & singing away..Anyway she is 6 now..I know it is crazy too..seems just like yesterday we were in the hospital with her..worried & scared but yet so excited b/c we had our baby girl now...look what the Lord has done..who would have ever thought 6 years ago that this is where we would be with her. She has been such a blessing to us..She acts just like me at home but out in public she is Jeff..maybe one day she will act like me all the time! If she does all those kids better watch out! LOL!!

Well since last time I blogged Jeff has a new position at school..he is now the assistant principal..he would die if he knew I blogged about it, but I think it is a great accomplishment..he has certainly worked hard for it..I know Lindsey & New Harmony can certainly remember all the nights he would be gone to Athens for school & I would be at home by myself! So I am proud of him..:o) Ok that is enough of that...

I will try to figure out how to post some pictures on here..this year! I may try to do it tonight since me & the kids didn't get to go to church....Peyton has had fever all weekend..great way to end Spring Break I know...this is funny though I will share this & then I am going..I gave him medicine (Motrin liquid) Saturday morning & he had it in his mouth & he said "now what do I do with it?"..I said swallow it! I guess you can tell he never takes any medicine..thankfully he is not ever sick!! Ok I gotta go~

Monday, March 22, 2010

Something New!!

Ok so I am a little late on the whole bloggin thing..but that is ok, I am going to try it now!! Well so where do I start...Well I can start by saying that I wish Spring Break was just beginning! We did not go off anywhere this year (not that we normally do) but this year Jeff's cousins from Oklahoma came here & it was one of the best visits yet! We had such a great time...we laughed, we ate, we laughed, we joke I gained 4 or 5lbs & as you all know that was the last thing I needed to do. So of course today being MONDAY I tried to do better! We will see how that works out for me! LOL!..Anyway, with all that being said needless to say we all had a good time.
We were also looking forward to Friday...our friends were coming home from Atlanta!! Of course we went to there house that night to see them once they got home & it was so good to have them back here. We all of course was looking forward to Saturday night for church & as you would have expected it was really good, actually all weekend was good! Finally I think all of our "friends" ( & I mean that as far as our age group) is all at home now! It always so different when some of your friends are off somewhere. So needless to say I myself am very THANKFUL we are all back together & looking for many miracles to come.
So now it is Monday night, we went through the whole Monday routine & we all made it. Now only 4 more days to go! & only 9 more weeks left of school!! YIPPY!!! I am so ready for summer..I love my kids being home with me..I do love the schedule we have during the school year, but I love them being at home & us making memories...there smiles & laughter is one of the best things on earth!!!!